Types of disorders

Types of disorders | DAVF in the brain or spine

A dural arteriovenous malformation (DAVF) can occur in the head or the spine. The deviation consists of an acquired vascular malformation in the hard meninges (the dura) located where there is an abnormal short circuit (malformation) between arteries and veins. Typically, a direct connection between one or more arteries and veins is seen.

Types davf
  1. CT angio reconstruction brain DAVF (left)
  2. angiography before occlusion DAVF
  3. angiography after occlusion DAVF

The result is that the blood pressure in the veins is much higher than normal. The complaints seen in DAVF are:

  • Tinnitus (the heartbeat is heard on the side of the DAVF)
  • Pressure on the eyes
  • Loss of function of the spinal cord (numbness / weakness of the legs)
  • Bleeding

The diagnosis of DAVF is not easy. Most patients are seen late. Treatment is usually embolization, but sometimes a surgical operation or irradiation has to be done. In our team every patient with a DAVF is discussed individually, and the treatment or combination of treatments with the lowest risk and most optimal result is advised.