October 2014

"Acute Ischemic Stroke" – Symposium

On October 13th 2014 we organize in the Antwerp University Hospital our second symposium entitled “Acute ischemic Stroke” following our first Stroke symposium at November 25th 2013.

The recent Royal Decree (RD) “Stroke” of August 8th 2014 will have an important impact on the management and organization of Stroke patients and facilities. As neurovascular team, we will discuss on some of the topics of the RD, among others the management and financial aspects when dealing with Stroke patients as a Stroke center. On top we will introduce two new members of our team: dr Laetitia Yperzeele and dr Peter Vanacker, both neurologists with specific training in Stroke neurology.

November 2013

"Acute Ischemic Stroke" – Symposium

On November the 25th we organize in Antwerp University Hospital a symposium entitled " Acute Ischemic Stroke: neurological and interventional neuroradiological aspects".

We are honored to introduce to you several colleagues from other Belgian hospitals who will exchange their experience in the treatment of patients with acute ischemic stroke. Moreover, it is possible to practice the handling of a mechanical thrombecomy in a Flow model with hands-on training.

By exchanging experiences, we hope that we can optimize the indications, workflow and mechanical thrombectomy treatment, in order to have the best possible result for future stroke patients.

May 2013

"New milestones in vascular interventions" — symposium

On May the 23rd the angiography and intervention unit of the UZA organizes a symposium entitled "New milestones in vascular interventions".

Angiography and vascular interventional radiology developed rapidly in recent years on both medical and technical level. The new angiography unit of the UZA offers minimally invasive treatment options with X-rays limitation and allows hybrid vascular surgical procedures. Because of this development as well as the cooperation with other medical services in our hospital, there is a significant increase in the number of vascular interventions. Today the treatment of vascular abnormalities takes mainly place in the angiography unit because of the unique infrastructure with OK facilities.

The multidisciplinary cooperation and technical innovations of our service is explained by speakers of various services in our hospital and a few guest speakers.

March 2013

Study on the genetics of brain aneurysms

In collaboration with the department of Intensive Care headed by prof dr Ph Jorens and the department of Medical Genetics headed by prof B Loeys we will soon start a study on the genetics (heredity) of brain aneurysms. Both patients treated in the past as well as future patients will be prospectively studied by a questionnaire and blood samples to look for genetic factors. If this applies to you or a family member, we hope you and/or your family will take part in this important study to unravel part of the etiology of brain aneurysms.

October 2012

Launch NVCA website

News 1210

From now on our website is online. We invite you to discover our website and hope that you find the information you seek.

The NVCA team
Prof dr Maurits Voormolen
Dr Tomas Menovsky
Dr Thijs van der Zijden
Dr Ingrid Baar

May 2011

May 2010 a new angiography room was installed specifically for the imaging and treatment of neurovascular disorders. It is a biplane unit (Siemens Artis Zee) with 3D rotational angiography and CT features.

March 2011 our 2nd angiography room was installed. It is a mono plane angiography unit with a robotic arm (Siemens Artis Zee Go). Both angiography rooms serve as a sterile operating room in which hybrid (neuro) vascular surgery and endovascular treatments in cooperation with the surgeon can be carried out.

Both rooms have flat panel detectors and large screen display monitors. Both devices can make CT scans, 3D rotational angiography and "flow" studies.

With the installation of the 2nd angiography room, our section "Angiography and Interventional Radiology" as a separate unit within the Department of Radiology has become integrated in the Radiology department. Our unit has an separate preparation room for the patients and anesthesiologist.

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Artis Zee Biplane

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Artis ZeeGo