Examinations | CT-scan

CT is a method of investigation of the human body with the aid of X-rays, and stands for computer tomography. The CT scanner makes images of cross-sections through the body. With the part of the body to be examined, the patient is placed in the opening of the scanner. Several times the patient is moved slowly through the scanner. Sometimes before or during the study contrast is administered to make some body structures more visible.

Exams ct scan

The permeability of the investigated body part is measured from a wide range of angles in thin "slices", after which a computer builds up a three-dimensional representation of the investigated body part from the results. A contra-indication for this study is pregnancy.

Types aneurysm 2
  1. CT scan shows SAH
  2. Contrast CT makes the blood vessels visible
  3. 3D reconstruction shows an intracranial aneurysm

Exams ct scan bleed
– CT scan shows subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) –